Visit East Park Reservoir

Here are some of our favorite reasons to visit East Park Reservoir

Get away from everyday work life and disconnect in the wilderness with no wi-fi. This historic place has tons to see and do.

Looking east at Lodoga Side

The body of water that encompasses East Park Reservoir is ideal for any size water toys that fit your lifestyle. Whether your are a boater, kayaker, skiier, or a floater, the water here welcomes it all. Plus, temperature also stays warm enough to jump in for most of the season.

Looking west at Stonyford Side.

East Park Reservoir hosts 100 miles of shoreline that is waiting to be discovered. If you’re on a kayak, cruise the shallow ends and find coves that haven’t been visited by anything other than local wildlife.

Campsite spotlight: L123 Lodoga side

For evening activities, s’mores will dance around camp fires, telescopes will discover the stars and the moonlight out here will light any night time nature hike.

Elk at East Park Reservoir

For other daytime activities outside of the water, consider bringing binoculars to watch the bald eagle activity or spot some elk and deer. Having a camera in hand is always a great idea as there are many different species that call East Park Reservoir home.

East Park Reservoir from Above. Lodoga Side

Have you heard about the islands? There are a few large enough to hike! Boat or float over to enjoy a scenic tour. There might even be a rope swing waiting for a ride!

Westside Anglers Bass Fishing Tournament 2019

For the anglers, fishing here has historically been the one of the most popular things to do at East Park Reservoir. Bass and crappie are plentiful. You might also consider looking into the annual bass fishing tournament held every March!

East Park Reservoir Dam built 1908

History lyes in every nook of the reservoir. The East Park Reservoir Dam was built over one hundred years ago, along with the historic spillway. Both structures are featured in many photographs and books that you can find in the Stonyford Museum. The Museum also offers facts about other counties of Northern California, the Mendocino National Forest, and has a changing display throughout the year. Private tours are also available.

Campsite spotlight: L140 through L150 Lodoga side

Mostly every campsite is situated right on the water. Check out the interactive map for details on each site before you book your stay.

Campsite spotlight: L123 Lodoga side

Watching a sunset here is nothing short of magical. If you were to leave all the other reasons aside and drive out to just enjoy a sunset view, the trip would definately be worth it.