How to plan a successful Group Camping Trip

Have you been designated as the group camping planner this year?

Are some of your campers seasoned RV’ers and asking about hook-ups and spacing? Maybe some of your campers are hauling boats and need to know what the regulations are at this particular recreation area, and some folks might be bringing their older family members and brand new puppy and are asking questions like, “How close to the water are we? Is there shade? Are there RV hookups? Wifi Availability?”

Listen, we’ve been there and we understand this struggle personally.

That’s why we’ve compiled a few quick steps to get you started, along with a  lot more tips to get you through it! We’ve made it easy for you to copy and paste this info into a group text or email or better yet, Facebook event… Because yes, we care about your blood pressure that much.

Okay, there’s a lot to cover so here we go:

Quick steps to get you through planning a successful Group Camping Trip. 

Decide on a date / Choose the right site/ make your reservation as early in the year as possible to lock in your dates. Reservations for East Park Reservoir can be made as early as January 1st of each year. 

Take a look at the interactive map to get a better idea of what each option will offer your group.  Give our office a call to find out more details on what each site has to offer. 530-458-0466

If you are paying for all of the vehicles, you will need everyone’s license plate number at the time you’re making their booking, the color of vehicle and whether it’s a car/truck or SUV. (Some people may not know what vehicle they will be driving yet until they day they leave. Here are the options for them: 

A. Pay cash at the Stonyford General Store when they arrive at East Park Reservoir. The address to the Stonyford General Store is: 292 Market St, Stonyford, CA 95979

B. Have them purchase a vehicle pass the day they find out what vehicle they are bringing. 

Feel free to Copy this TEMPLATE:

Group Camping Trip Invitation

What: Please Join us for a Camping Trip 2020!!!

When: (Enter arrival date and checkout date here)

Where: East Park Reservoir – (Enter Campsite Name here)

We have reserved (Enter campsite name here) checking in on (Enter date) at noon and Checking out on (Enter date) at noon, but you can register for any of those days HERE.

**You will need your vehicle license plate when you are ready to purchase your pass.

How to register:

If you will be joining a designated campsite that is already booked, Get your Vehicle Pass here: VEHICLE PASS

If you will be booking your own designated campsite next to ours, Get your site booked here: DESIGNATED CAMPING

If you are joining a Group Campsite, get your vehicle pass here: VEHICLE PASS

How to get there: 


*you can now drop a “pin” to your specific campsite on the interactive map that allows you to copy and paste the latitude and longitude into google maps! 

The address to the main gate on the Lodoga side is:

4415 Sites Lodoga Road, Stonyford California 95979

-it’s a few hundred yards passed the store “Squaw Creek Inn”

The address to the main gate on the Stonyford side: (there isn’t a physical address to the gate. Here’s an address that will get you a few hundred yards from the gate: 

4400 East Park Road, Stonyford CA 95979

Extra camp info:

Dry Camping at East Park

East Park Reservoir is all dry camp and off grid. Which means, no running water, no electricity and unless you have AT&T, there’s no wireless connection.

Amenities are vault style restrooms and campfire rings.


No hookups.

Most campsites offer plenty of space for easy turning around and the ground out here is mostly flat. There are a few sites that have a very tight squeeze getting in and out, and also some sites situated on a ridge. Call for details if you’re not sure that your site is RV friendly or for specifics on the site you booked, call our office M-F 7:30am to 4:00pm 530-458-0466.  

The route getting into the campground is pretty rough along Sites Lodoga Road. But it’s doable. A smoother route would be to come in from Willows on 162 to Elk Creek and take county road 306 south into Stonyford. The trip is a bit longer that way but it’s a much smoother ride. It’s also a very pretty drive.

Closest RV dump station is at Squaw Creek Inn 530-963-3483

Closest diesel fuel is at Stonyford General Store 530-963-3235

Closest water hook up is at Stonyford General Store 530-963-3235

Tent Camping

Pitching a tent at East Park Reservoir is every rustic campers dream. Wide open spaces, plenty of flat surface and very little to rake up before setting the tarp down. There is however very little shade over the wide open shoreline, so we recommend bringing something to shield you from the summer sun. 


Summertime at East Park Reservoir can get up to triple digits. Make sure to hydrate!  

Springtime at East Park Reservoir is typically in the 60’s or 70’s. But it’s always good to layer. 

As stated above, there’s not a lot of shade, so we recommend bringing a pop-up. Also bring very strong stakes for your pop-ups: here’s why…

Wind: There can be sporadic strong gusts of wind that will easily pull your  tent off the ground out here. Yes, even in the summer time! So make sure you stake it down. Taking this extra step while setting up might be the single thing that saves your entire trip! We’ve gone diving for pop-ups that have landed in the lake …just trust us on this one.

The water temperature is AMAZING for swimming! So all types of water toys are welcome.

Also remember, if you pack it in and don’t, for whatever reason, intend on taking it back home, leave it in the trash can or pack it out to the dumpster located outside of each camp area. Please don’t leave your trash unattended at your campsite, or in a pile next to a smaller bin. There are critters that like to rummage through trash and spread it for miles.

Boats/Water craft

All types of boats and water craft are welcome at East Park and there are no extra regulations or inspections. Vessels can tie up right next to your campsite.

Boat launch on the Lodoga side is located at Rattlesnake Point between sites L065 and L064

Boat launch on Stonyford Side is located at the Day Use area. 


We welcome all pets as long as they are friendly. If you’re not sure whether they are open to other animals or people, please leave them at home for this trip or keep them on a leash. We absolutely LOVE our furry family but we are not equipped with a first aid station if there is an attack. We will have no cell service and closest medical aid is an hour away.


There are vault style restrooms available. No running water.


It’s a good idea to give folks the menu for each day and offer an idea of how they can contribute. Whatever your meal are, it’s always best to communicate that before hand so everyone knows what to expect. 

There you have it friends! Come on out and have some fun with your group! 

Send all other inquiries to our email or phone!


Monday through Friday 7:30am- 4:00pm