About Colusa County


Colusa is locate in the heart of the Sacramento Valley 70 miles north of Sacramento. It incorporates the cities of Colusa and Williams and includes areas of Arbuckle, Maxwell, Stonyford, Princeton and Grimes. Colusa is the perfect mix of country charm and rugged outdoors. The county extends over 1,000 square miles so we have plenty of room to let your hair down here and have some fun.


The Pomo and Wintun tribe originally inhabited the Colusa area. Colusa was one of the original counties of California and was established in 1850.

It has a rich history as a hub of agriculture and shipping along the Sacramento River. Historic homes, buildings, and museums grace the county including the Sacramento Valley Museum, the Stonyfork Museum and the Colusa County Courthouse.


Colusa County is populated with just under 22,000 hard working, salt-of-the-earth people. You’ll receive a rich welcome. We haven’t forgotten how to tip our hat or open a door for a neighbor. The rich farmland, doesn’t just grow great crops, it grows a welcoming, diverse community as well.


Rich, fertile soils contribute to a vast array of food grown in Colusa County. Rice is the leading crop and is exported all over the world. Other homegrown foods include: almonds, tomatoes, walnuts and wheat. The farm to fork program offers a chance to get a taste first hand http://colusacountygrown.org.